Canada Council announces new policy in support of architecture

The Canada Council for the Arts has announced today the creation of a policy in
support of architecture, which has been in the process of being designed for two years. A need was identified for the position of an Architecture Officer, which was created in 2002. With the input of the new officer, Brigitte Desrochers, and a Special Architecture Advisory Committee, new programs are being launched and pilot projects are to be set up as ways of lending support to architects in practice. But support will also centre around several aspects of architectural culture in Canada, including the production of articles, publications, exhibitions and events on contemporary architecture in this country. A further commitment will be made to help architecture firms achieve artistic excellence in their built work, and to let the public better appreciate and enjoy their creations.
As of 2004, the Prix de Rome will better respond to the practices of Canadian firms and the realities of a global market, while laureates will be given new opportunities for internships and a host of other opportunities within the framework of a new version of the prize, effective starting in 2004-2005.
Young firms will be encouraged with grant programs that will enable mentorship and consultations and, finally, the promotion of architectural competitions will be instigated with pilot projects for relevant government Departments and Ministries.