Calling all Modernists – The Oral History Project

Dominion Modern, in partnership with the School of Design at George Brown College, has engaged in an ambitious program to record, catalogue and archive the life and work of Canadian architects, engineers, industrial designers, graphic designers, interior designers and visual artists who helped build and shape the 20th century in Canada.

The archive will be made available in the future to researchers and the public. The Oral History Project has amassed over 120 interviews. Recent additions include Stanley Roscoe, the architect of Hamilton City Hall, industrial designer Frank Dudas, architects Sidney Bregman and George Hamann and builder Kenneth Rotenberg.

If you were active in architecture or design in Canada in the 20th century, please call 416-825-6489 or email to make an appointment to record your story.

If you would like to make a donation toward the Oral History Project, please visit or contact:

Dominion Modern
Museum of Modern Architecture & Design
153 Robert Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 2K6