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Call for Submissions: OAA Housing Affordability Case Studies

The Ontario Association of Architects’ (OAA) Housing Affordability Task Group (HATG) is calling on members to submit already-built, approved or planned projects that address housing affordability issues and can serve as case-study projects. Ideally, projects will feature building types, designs, construction methods, regulatory strategies, financial strategies or a combination of these that form responsible and cost-efficient greenfield or urban developments.

Housing Affordability, OAA, case studies
The deadline for submissions to the OAA Housing Affordability Task Group is July 10, 2

Projects may be from OAA Members’ own work in Ontario, or elsewhere in Canada – and can include other domestic or international project that have offered inspiration. Submissions (up to 500 words) should include a brief description as well as a link to the project website.

The Housing Affordability Task Group’s objective is to explore key design and regulatory system opportunities that may address the issue of housing affordability in Ontario and beyond. In particular, the group is concerned with building types and changes to built form that result in responsible and cost-efficient urban intensification construction methods and their impact on construction cost, and regulatory issues (zoning and building code) that may be impacting affordability. We will explore built, proposed and potential projects across a variety of:

Please send submissions to the OAA Architectural Graduate, Courtney Meagher, who can be reached at [email protected] The deadline for submissions to the OAA Housing Affordability Task Group is July 10, 2018.

This release was originally published at the OAA official website, and can be found here.