Call for Submissions: Gibraltar Point International Artist Residency Program on Toronto Island

Artscape is currently accepting applications for the Gibraltar Point International Artist Residency Program taking place from June 1-30, 2007 and the submission deadline is February 21, 2007, at 4:00 pm EST.

The Gibraltar Point Residency transcends political, aesthetic and geographic boundaries, welcomes diversity and provides a spawning ground for unique cultural alliances. The program is open to Canadian and international artists who are engaged in the research, development or creation of work. Emerging, mid-career and established professional artists are invited to apply. Participants in the residency program receive accommodation, a private work studio and all meals at no cost. Travel and material costs are the responsibility of participating artists.

The residency program aims to further the professional development of artists by: enabling the creation and production of new work; fostering an exchange of ideas and influences; encouraging the sharing of expertise; inspiring new works of art and creative collaborations; and building relationships between artists working in different media. The program is designed and managed by Artscape and takes place for a single 30-day term each calendar year at the Gibraltar Point Centre for the Arts on Toronto Island.

Situated on the south-western beachfront of Toronto Island, the Gibraltar Point Centre for the Arts owes its name to its location marked by Toronto’s oldest landmark – the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse, which was erected in 1808. Operated by Artscape, this 30,000-square-foot unique facility provides permanent studio space to more than a dozen artists and a Retreat Centre which can be rented for a variety of functions. In addition to hosting the Residency Program, the Gibraltar Point Centre for the Arts features Artscape Lodge; a short-term rental service with accommodation and work studios for up to 13 visiting artists.

Toronto Island is a peaceful 230-hectare natural park in Toronto’s harbour, a short 15-minute ferry ride from the thriving downtown core of Canada’s cultural capital. The Island is part of the Carolinian Zone which includes flora and fauna not found anywhere else in Canada. Naturalized areas and wildlife reserves make it a popular stopover point for southern song birds. The Island is also home to approximately 800 individuals whose remarkable community boasts one of the highest per capita populations of artists in Canada and is the largest urban car-free community in North America.

Please mail submissions to:Gibraltar Point International Artist Residency Program
60 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 111
Toronto, Ontario
M6K 1X9

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