Call for submisisons to the Peepshow Pavilion Design Competition 2006

The Peepshow Pavilion design competition is part of the annual Artcity celebration held in Calgary, taking place this year from September 8-17, 2006.

Artcity is an annual celebration of contemporary visual art, architecture and design that opens possibilities for conversations, debates and realizations about how and what artists, architects and designers do and how they see and shape the world around us. By programming underused, neglected and temporary spaces, the festival enters into environments where the public live and work, reshaping and redefining Calgary’s everyday landscape.

Promoting visual art, design, and architecture through a creative street presence for visual art, the annual juried Peepshow competition commissions the design and construction of one pavilion every year. These temporary Artcity pavilions, scattered throughout Calgary’s downtown core, create a dialogue among designer, artist, and viewer, encouraging discourse into the fine art and the urban relationships that evolve around them.

The 2006 festival theme of Truth & Lies will provide viewers and participants with a forum for critical discourse surrounding ideas of replication, illusion and fiction. The opposing concepts of Truth and Lies invite a redefinition of how art, design, and architecture reside within personal dialogue. "Truth" and "lies" are concepts/conditions which express a clear and undeniable relationship with their context, an intriguing theme through which to explore art and design. Opinion, individual perspective, and intention can be reexamined through values of fiction, interpretation, and clarity of concept.

Therefore, the challenge of Peepshow 2006 is to address the idea of Truth & Lies through the design of the sixth pavilion to be constructed along the Stephen Avenue Mall in Calgary.

This international competition is open to either solo or team entries from artists, architects and designers. The jury includes highly acclaimed artist/filmmaker Peter Greenaway (The Belly of an Architect) and Randall Stout of Randall Stout Architects. Individuals from the Calgary community will be teamed with the international guests for the jury.

The winning team will receive $3,000 CDN, and is responsible for the preparation of construction drawings for their proposal. Artcity reserves the right to select more than one. August 15, 2006 is the inquiries deadline, and August 25, 2006 is the submission deadline.

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