Call for proposals for 2014 OAA annual conference continuing education sessions

The Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) invites you to submit your proposal for a Continuing Education session at the 2014 Annual Conference. The Conference will be held from May 7-9, 2014 at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth in Montreal.

Speakers are being sought who excel in their field of expertise, and who can captivate and educate their audience. The OAA Conference is a chance for architects to step back from daily demands and acquire new knowledge that contributes to general expertise and understanding. This learning is future-oriented and goes beyond immediate application. It builds the capacities of the professional to plan and undertake new challenges. If you are inclined to grow professionally, meet interesting people and share your stories, then presenting at the OAA Conference is a great opportunity for you.

 Proposed ConEd sessions should be: educational in nature (structured and designed as a learning activity with clearly stated learning objectives); current (must reflect the current status of the topic(s) addressed); factual, not misleading, and unbiased; must not endorse any specific product(s) or service(s); focused on subject matters that are of interest to Ontario architects;  based on best practices and latest research in a given field; 1.5 hours, 3 hours, or 6 hours in length.

Contacts will be made with applicants for further information where necessary.

Benefits to participation include broad networking opportunities; comprehensive learning opportunities; free admission to conference ConEd sessions for OAA members who speaks at the conference; complimentary tickets to selected conference social events; compensated travel to the conference; complimentary accommodation at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel.

Proposals should be submitted to with the subject line “OAA Conference CFP” by no later than October 28, 2013. All proposals should include: one completed Proposal Information Application, one completed Presenter Information Application for each presenter, and three letters of reference.

For more information, please visit