Call for papers for 2016 AIBC annual conference

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The Architectural Institute of British Columbia invites submissions from those interested in speaking, participating in panel discussions or facilitating interactive workshops at the 2016 AIBC Annual Conference to be held at the Vancouver Conference Centre from Monday, May 16 to Wednesday, May 18, 2016.

About the Conference
The Architectural Institute of British Columbia’s annual conference brings together architects, intern architects, architectural technologists, builders, engineers, interior designers, faculty, students and other members of the design community to learn about new industry trends, technological advances and best practices. This annual gathering of architects, the largest of its kind in British Columbia, is also a chance to network, socialize and celebrate the innovative, impactful work of practitioners and theorists. The conference runs over three days and includes a keynote presentation, plenary sessions, seminars, workshops, panel discussions and an industry exhibitor show.

As in previous years, the conference will be rich in professional development, dialogue and network-building opportunities. An anticipated 400–450 delegates will be in attendance.

2016 Conference Theme: Building A Resilient Future
Resiliency is (literally and figuratively) in the air. Scientists and world leaders have identified a two-degree increase in global temperatures as an irreversible threshold. The UN has outlined 17 Sustainable Development Goals for solving the climate crisis and ensuring social stability. The UN’s Conference of Parties (COP21) is working to achieve consensus around reducing greenhouse gases. Even Pope Francis has issued an encyclical on the same topic with the subtitle of: “Care for Our Common Home”. Cities are taking matters into their own hands and implementing strategies to become more sustainable.

 How does the architectural profession respond to these necessary adaptations? How does design become not only more resilient but also more proactive in addressing the imminent concerns of rising temperatures, severe weather patterns, and compromised resources?

Conference Program
This gathering aims to raise both the level of discourse and the standard of practice for members of the design community at all stages of their careers. A variety of presentation formats is sought, including lectures, interactive workshops and panel discussions. The organizers seek presenters who are experts in their fields and familiar with presenting their area of expertise to groups of 30 to 120 attendees. Most sessions will be 1.5 hours, including time for a question-and-answer period.

The Annual Conference PD Committee is specifically interested in presentations related to:

§  Resilient Design for Waterfront Cities

§  Local Innovation in BC

§  Building Technology for a Resilient Future

§  Adaptive Planning and Design

§  Practice and Business Management

§  Environment, Energy and Sustainability

§  Integration of Architectural Culture

The following criteria will be examined when reviewing submissions and selecting applications:

§  Inspired content that is clear, concise and educational in nature;

§  Relevance to the profession of architecture;

§  Connection to the educational initiatives of the AIBC, including such aspects as health, safety, welfare, design innovation, professional practice, environment, diversity, technology, business and community;

§  Compliance with the necessary standards for AIBC Learning Units*; and

§  Speaker qualifications and experience presenting at similar regional or national conferences.

Completed proposals are due on Friday, January 15, 2016. It is anticipated that the Annual Conference Professional Development Committee will identify its recommended selections through formal notification in February 2016.  Click here to access the Proposal Submission Form.