Call for Papers: 46th annual SSAC Conference

The Society for the Study of Architecture in Canada is accepting paper proposals for its upcoming virtual conference.

The Society for the Study of Architecture in Canada is now accepting paper proposals for its 46th annual conference under the theme “Architecture in the Clouds.”  The organization is seeking papers for the following sessions:

  • The Sea and Shore
  • Recovering and transforming obsolescent cultural landscapes
  • The Shifting Winds: Changes in Pedagogy and Canadian Architectural Discourse
  • Changing Contexts and Reintegrating Spaces
  • Voices on the Air
  • Utopia and Hubris: Classicism in Twentieth-Century Canada
  • Religious Architecture in Canada
  • Conservation in the Clouds
  • From RnD to RtD (Research Through Design)
  • Globalizing Architectural Scholarship in Canada
  • per architectura ad astra / through architecture to the stars
  • The Past, Present and Future of Black Spaces and Architecture in Canada
  • Bio-Regenerative Building Design – Built Environment Regeneration
  • Current Research

Researchers, professionals and students from any discipline whose work relates to the built environment in Canada are invited to submit a paper proposal of no more than 250 words, and a CV, using the online form. Paper proposals will be assessed by a scientific committee including session chairs and members of the Society. Submissions will close on April 18, 2021.

For more information, email