Call for case study projects for 2005 World Sustainable Building Conference

The deadline for case study submissions for this conference is February 28, 2005. The 2005 World Sustainable Building Conference runs from September 27-29 at the International Convention Center PAMIR in Tokyo, Japan. A large number of building researchers, practitioners, officials, industry representatives and students from all over the world will gather at this conference to exchange the latest knowledge and experience regarding "sustainable buildings."

The purpose of the case study projects will be to focus on assessment, implementation, and assessment results in leading edge buildings. The participants of the case study session will demonstrate and illustrate design strategies and environmental assessment results.

It is expected that this session will provide a chance to exchange the latest knowledge and experience, and also provide an opportunity to discuss strategies on assessment, implementation in practice, and enhance the movement of green and sustainable design in architectural communities all over the world.

The case study stream of seminars will consist of several presentations by various groups including Green Building Challenge (GBC) teams, and other teams or individuals from various regions and countries.

It is anticipated that the presentations will be of varying lengths, depending on the specific approach and the number of case studies included, and submissions will be selected an allocated time budgets in a two-stage process: a first call for preliminary presentation proposals, followed by an internal SB05 allocation of time budgets that will be based on the number of projects, geographic representation, and our impression of the level of probable relevance for conference delegates.

For more information on the call for case studies, please e-mail Noriyoshi Yokoo at For general information on the conference in September, please e-mail or visit