Call for articles for On Site 22

You are all very good at taking On Site’s themes and running with them. Have a think about war and all the ways it shows materially in buildings, landscapes, cities. Don’t be afraid to take on the biggest of all subjects, and the most local instances of it.


war. what is it good for?

architecture and war

geographies of war

landscapes of war


walled cities

urban traces



monuments and memorials

military installations

war museums

war art

war sites


victory and loss




barracks and bases

field hospitals




On Site would like proposals for articles, notes, photographs, interviews, proj­ects on the subject of architecture in its widest interpretation and war, in its widest effects. The keywords above are an indication of the potential breadth of this issue.


The deadline for proposals is July 1, 2009 and the deadline for finished articles is August 15, 2009. Please send them to


Texts should be 800-1,000 words or less. Images must be 300dpi CMYK JPEGs at least 2,000 pixels wide. Copyright clearance must be obtained for any images not your own.


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