Calgary’s School of Architecture SAPL launches Indigenous Pathways program

The new Indigenous Pathways program at University of Calgary’s School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape (SAPL) aims to increase Indigenous enrolment in the school, and increase the diversity of voices in the architecture, landscape architecture, and planning fields.
Edmonton-based architecture firm Rockliff Pierzchajlo Kroman Architects (RPK) donated $25,000 to the university to help relieve the financial burden for Indigenous students throughout their design studies. 

Along with financial support, the initiative includes outreach programs in First Nation high schools, support during the degree program, and integrating Indigenous learnings in the curriculum.

Jan Kroman, principal at RPK Architects and past sessional instructor at SAPL, hopes this donation will empower students to explore design studies and ultimately increase Indigenous representation in shaping Alberta’s built environment: “Relieving the financial burden allows Indigenous students to concentrate on academics rather than on making ends meet. We hope it allows students to fully explore the field of design and lead to more excellence, scholarships, and recognition.”

SAPL’s Dean, Dr. John Brown, knows support from the professional design community is key to the program’s success. “We hope that the momentum created by RPK’s leadership will inspire other city-building industry members to help us build our Indigenous Pathways program and ensure that the voices and worldviews of Indigenous people are better represented in Alberta’s city-building professions,” says Brown.