Calgary’s Seventh Avenue to be rethought.

Improvements to transit and pedestrian corridor will revitalize the 7th avenue downtown artery. Graham Edmunds Cartier and Sturgess Architecture, along with Calgary Transit, have announced a seven-year plan to revamp the downtown’s C-Train stations and pedestrian environment. The multi-phased plan will include platform and sidewalk upgrades from 11th Street West to 4th Street East along 7th Avenue, Calgary’s major pedestrian corridor.

Various improvements under consideration include the provision of more shelter on the C-Train platforms, improved comfort for transit riders, raised sidewalks that will be level with the current platform height and platform extensions to accommodate the longer four-car C-Trains that are needed to meet projected growth in ridership over the next 10 years.

The first phase will be the removal of the station currently located between 1st and 2nd Street West and Centre Street. It will also include sidewalk improvements and upgrades to street furnishings and bus bays, as well as increased tree planting in both blocks.

The Transportation Project Office, a public-private entity created by City of Calgary to manage major transportation infrastructure has been appointed to manage the 7th Avenue upgrade program.