Building Performance Data in Multi-Unit Residential Buildings

Recent trends in the building sector, including conservation mandates and policies for mandatory building energy reporting and disclosure have significant implications for the owners and managers of rental apartment buildings. Most significantly, there is increased expectation that building owners understand how their buildings perform in a way that is detailed enough to inform how to improve the building, and consistent with standard practices to support regional or industry benchmarking. Building the capacity to collect data, report it, and apply the knowledge to improve performance can be a valuable investment or a costly endeavour.

On Friday June 12, 2015 from 9:00am to 12:00 noon, the Toronto 2030 District and Ryerson University are hosting a half-day workshop to help multi-unit residential buildings (MURB) stakeholders prepare for these changes, and demonstrate how and why to collect and use building data effectively.

The goals of this workshop are to: understand how to efficiently collect and organize building data; use building data to identify issues related to energy, water, and occupant satisfaction; learn how to execute projects effectively, including staffing, resources and financial analysis.

The workshop takes place in Room ARC202 of the Architecture Building at Ryerson University, located at 325 Church Street in Toronto.

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