Brownie Awards nomination deadline on June 23, 2006

The Canadian Urban Institute (CUI) has launched its annual Brownie Awards program for 2006, again sponsored by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). The expert assessment committee will once again endeavour to highlight accomplishments in leadership, innovation and environmental sustainability in brownfields redevelopment across Canada.

Glenn Miller, Director, Education and Research says, “We are looking forward to this year’s awards and anticipate a good response from high-quality projects and programs. The awards are growing in stature and prestige throughout the brownfield sector. Research has confirmed that the huge impact in winning the award contributes positively to the progress and continuing success of projects. We are grateful to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation for their continued commitment to these Awards in 2006.”

The Awards comprise seven categories designed to provide recognition to projects, programs and individuals that best contribute to brownfields redevelopment. These categories are:

Category 1 – Policy and Program Development
Recognizes policies, programs or new legislative initiatives that effectively initiate brownfield projects and provide a model which overcome such barriers.

Category 2 – Implementation and Process
Recognizes projects and programs that have successfully applied solutions to brownfield issues and barriers through creative responses to policy initiatives.

Category 3 – Communications, Marketing and Public Engagement
Recognizes programs, consultation, communications and marketing initiatives which have innovatively promoted brownfields development to a wider audience and generated community support.

Category 4 – Sustainable Design and Technical Innovation on a Brownfield Site
Recognizes projects or programs that use innovative technologies to advance local land use goals.

Category 5 – Financing, Risk Management and Partnerships
Recognizes projects that use innovative financing and partnerships to resolve issues of risk management.

Category 6 – Heritage and Adaptive Reuse
Recognizes projects or programs which features heritage conservation and adaptive reuse.

Category 7 – Individual Achievement
Recognizes individuals who invest personal effort to further the cause of brownfield redevelopment. All projects will be considered for these categories.

Category 8 – Best Project
8A – Best Small / Medium Scale Project
8B – Best Large Scale Project

Category 9 – Best Overall Project

The deadline for the intent to nominate is Friday, June 23, 2006. Winners will be announced and presentations will be made at the seventh annual Canadian Brownfields Conference presented by the Canadian Brownfields Network (CBN) at the Toronto Congress Centre in Toronto on October 26-27, 2006.

Further information on the conference, along with comprehensive Awards criteria and nomination can be found at or by calling Shah Hosein at (416) 365-0816 ext 221.