Brentwood SkyTrain Station

Burnaby, British Columbia
Busby + Associates Architects

Busby + Associates Architects were selected to design two of 13 SkyTrain stations for the Millennium Line of the Rapid Transit Project in the Greater Vancouver area. The Brentwood Station is the flagship station in the new ALRT line adjacent to Brentwood Town Centre, and is also a major transfer point to an existing bus loop at Brentwood Mall in the Vancouver suburb of Burnaby. Its prominent location straddling a pedestrian bridge nine metres above the median of the Lougheed Highway creates a highly visible and distinctive landmark.

The station platform’s sleek and dynamic enclosure is derived from the structural components of wood and steel which have been custom-designed to form the elegant curved profile of the station. Moreover, this design solution proved to be efficient and cost-effective to build. Brentwood station was designed to maximize safety, security and comfort for passengers, encouraging use of the transit system. Essential elements of this design include clear, open spaces and generous canopies to protect against wind and rain. Extensive glazing increases visibility and transparency by day, emitting a lantern-like glow at night.

Andresen: The architecture exhibits a highly successful and user-friendly platform enclosure where the curves in plan and section also contribute to the sense of travel at speed. The quality of construction and material design is displayed not only in the form but also in the detail resolution.

Macdonald: Against a decidedly utilitarian programme intended for transitory occupation, the project projects its consideration of constructional logic into the realm of confident public expression.

Pearl: This project dances between the lightness of flight and movement, and the solidity of an exposed, structurally anchored diaphragm. The station portrays the teamwork required to marry architectural form, engineering and green building principles, while remaining both lyrical and functional. The curved sectional extrusion expresses a tectonic elegance where steel and wood are exploited for their intrinsic strengths; where gravity, wind and seismic loadings are all distinctly detailed.

Teeple: This project tempers a fundamentally technological vision of architecture with regional materials and a craft sensibility. The elegant sculptural form of the station is realized with careful detailing thereby setting a high standard for Canadian public infrastructure projects.

Client: Rapid Transit Project Office

Architect Team: Brian Billingsley, Marco Bonaventura, Peter Busby, Scott Edwards, Teryl Mullock, Martin Nielsen, Richard Peck, Soren Schou, Adam Slawinski

Structural: Fast & Epp Partners

Mechanical: Klohn Crippen

Electrical: Agra Simons

Landscape: Durante Kreuk

Public Art: Jill Anholt

Area: 2,100 m2

Budget: $8.1 million

Completion: 2002

Photography: Nic Lehoux