Now Available: Canadian Modern Architecture, 1967 to the present

The book Canadian Modern Architecture, 1967 to the present is now available. The book is co-edited by Canadian Architect’s Elsa Lam and architectural historian Graham Livesey. It is co-published by Princeton Architectural Press and Canadian Architect.

Canadian Modern Architecture, 1967 to the present is a comprehensive review of major work in this county. It includes 15 original essays by authors including George Baird, Brian Carter, Ian Chodikoff, Odile Hénault, George Kapelos, Lisa Landrum, Steven Mannell, Sherry McKay, Marco Polo, Lola Sheppard, David Theodore, Larry Wayne Richards, Adele Weder and Mason White. It is extensively illustrated with 500 photographs and drawings.

The 50-year retrospective begins with the nation’s centennial and Expo 67 in Montreal. It covers the defining of national institutions and movements, how Canadian architects interpreted major international trends, regional and Indigenous architectural tendencies, and the influence of architects in Canada’s three largest cities—Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

The book is available at booksellers across North America, as well as from online retailers McNally Robinson, Indigo and Amazon. For bulk sales of 10 copies or more, contact Raincoast Books.

“This fascinating and much-needed compendium will certainly be welcome universally, and particularly in Canada, where it will raise the consciousness of a country that has respected, but not celebrated, the wide origins of its populations and its culturally as well as physically different regions.”

-Phyllis Lambert, Founding Director Emeritus of the Canadian Centre for Architecture.

“This anthology […] amounts to a major achievement of collective scholarship. […] By any standards, this is an encyclopedic tour de force.”

-Kenneth Frampton, Ware Professor of Architecture, Columbia University

Upcoming book launch events and panels

10/28_RAIC Festival of Architecture
Odile Hénault, Elsa Lam, Graham Livesey, Steven Mannell, Lola Sheppard

11/13_Daniels School of Architecture, Landscape, and Design
George Baird and Larry Wayne Richards

11/14_University of Waterloo School of Architecture
Elsa Lam, Martin Liefhebber, Carol Philips, Lola Sheppard

11/21_Halifax Central Library
Peter Busby, Susan Fitzgerald, Elsa Lam, Steven Mannell

11/25_University of Lethbridge
Graham Livesey

11/27_Vancouver Central Library
James KM Cheng, Elsa Lam, Sherry McKay, John Patkau

01/15/20_University of Calgary School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape
Jessie Andjelic, Dustin Couzens, Matt Knapik, Graham Livesey

01/16/20_Laurentian School of Architecture
Shannon Bassett, Aliki Economides, Terry Galvin, Elsa Lam

02/03/20_University of Manitoba Faculty of Architecture
Lisa Landrum, Graham Livesey

02/03/20_McNally Robinson, Winnipeg
Brent Bellamy, Ryan Gorrie, Lisa Landrum, Graham Livesey, Lindsay Osler

02/15/20_Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal
Jean-Pierre Chupin, Elsa Lam, David Theodore

03/05/20_Ryerson University Department of Architectural Science
George Kapelos, Elsa Lam, Marco Polo, Colin Ripley

03/05/20_Stanley A. Milner Library, Edmonton
Cynthia Dovell, Jan Kroman, Graham Livesey, Vedran Skopac

05/08/20 Banff Springs Hotel, Banff, Alberta
Elsa Lam