Bing Thom’s Michael Heeney to Lead Surrey Development Corp

After 28 years with Bing Thom Architects, outgoing Principal Michael Heeney has been named President and CEO of the Surrey City Development Corporation (SCDC). Heeney has been integral to the growth of Bing Thom Architects since joining the firm in the late 1980s. Leading local and international projects, Heeney’s experience at the helm of one of Canada’s most well-known and successful firms saw him become one of the country’s most renowned and respected architects.

Michael Heeney. Photo via Bing Thom Architects
Michael Heeney. Photo via Bing Thom Architects

SCDC, it is a for-profit real estate development corporation that is governed by an independent Board of Directors. In addition to providing a financial return  to its shareholder (the City of Surrey)  through its real estate activities, SCDC’s mandate is to assist in realizing and advancing the transformation of the City of Surrey into a more modern, vibrant, sustainable and complete community. As a result, SCDC delivers a full range of institutional, commercial, residential and industrial projects. Through this dual mandate, SCDC helps the City of Surrey achieve strategic community objectives and encourages high quality development.

In a recent letter, Heeney described the new role as “such an amazing opportunity I couldn’t pass it up. In so many ways it is a continuation of the incredible city building and urban strategy initiatives I have been doing in Surrey and elsewhere since starting on the Central City project 18 years ago. Most importantly, it aligns extremely well with my values, passion and leadership for city building and positively transforming communities.”

Active in the local and regional community, Michael has also served on the boards of the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Downtown Vancouver Association, the Vancouver Economic Development Commission, and as a juror for the Canada Council for the Arts. Currently, Michael is the past President of the Vancouver Chapter of Lambda Alpha International and a member of the PuSh Festival board.