Better Buildings New Construction Pilot Program launches

The City of Toronto in cooperation with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and Enbridge Gas Distribution has established the Better Buildings New Construction Program (BBNCP) pilot program to encourage the design and construction of more energy efficient buildings in the City of Toronto. This pilot program is a complementary initiative to NRCan’s Commercial Building Incentive Program (CBIP). The BBNCP will supply at no cost, experts in building energy efficiency to provide design and energy modelling assistance to improve the energy performance of your building design and to meet the requirements of the CBIP incentive. The BBNCP has retained Enermodal Engineering Limited, a leading Canadian designer of energy efficient buildings to provide this service. If the building design is 25% more energy efficient than standard practice (ie., the Model National Energy Code), the CBIP program provides an incentive of two times the annual energy savings to a maximum of $60,000 per building. Experience has shown that this energy efficiency level can be achieved at minimal cost that pays back in 3 years or less.

The main eligibility criteria are:
a) the project is a new building or building addition and will be built within the Municipality of the City of Toronto;
b) the building should be in the concept of schematic stage to allow for the incorporation of energy efficiency features that meet or exceed the federal Commercial Building Incentive Program standards. Designs will be finalized by March 30, 2005;
c) the building owner/developer and design team agree to participate in one to two integrated design workshops to consider improvements in energy efficiency;
d) the building is industrial or commercial; including hospitality, retail, office, educational, institutional and high-rise multi-unit residential.

The pilot program is limited to 17 projects. To be considered for participation contact the City of Toronto’s Energy Efficiency Office at (416) 392-1110 or