BDP Quadrangle Announces Expanded Leadership Team


BDP Quadrangle recently announced the promotion of its newest Principals, Senior Associate, and Associates.

The new internal appointees are as follows: Principals: Dev Mehta, Greg Livingstone, Jesse Klimitz, Stefanie Siu-Chong; Senior Associate: Lorene Casiez; Associates: Frances Hahn, Hector Tuminan, Ossie Airewele, and Werner Sommer.

“We congratulate this group. Their advancement is the result of their integrity, strategic direction-setting, and their commitment to excellence to ensure both an exceptional quality of service to our clients and the communities they serve, and to the well-being and development of staff.” Said Senior Principal and Co-founder, Les Klein. Klien added, “This is an exciting time for BDP Quadrangle as Canadian and American markets are experiencing increased public and private sector investment. Our comprehensive leadership team will help us to successfully expand into new sectors and territories.”

According to the firm, BDP Quadrangle currently employs over of 200 people, and is currently planning a move into a larger office in 2022 to support its growing business.