Banff Session 2008 kicks off tomorrow, April 18

Since 1952, an architectural conference known as the “Banff Session” has taken place in the picturesque Canadian Rocky Mountain setting of Banff, Alberta Canada. This conference is an opportunity for people involved in and interested in architecture and the arts to discuss their work, ideas and beliefs in an arena of open dialogue and in a unique context, unencumbered by the everyday pressures and activities of the workplace.

This years theme is entitled Emerge exploring the possibilities, inspirations and innovations of design. A variety of speakers from around the world have been invited to lecture on their work and philosophy of architecture in relation to the theme. Countries such as Iceland, South Africa, Lebanon, the Netherlands and Slovenia will be represented.

For the past ten years, the Exhibitor’s Display has become a key educational and networking component of the Banff Session. The exhibition allows participants to display and demonstrate products and services and provides architects the chance to explore new products and innovations in the construction industry.

The Banff Session has historically been attended by a full house of approximately 400 architects, academics, and students from all parts of Canada and the United States. This year the session will focus on the emerging architecture and design of various countries from around the world. The session will focus on five speakers recognized for their work in the field of architecture. They will present their work and the philosophy behind it. The Sponsor’s Exhibit, which includes breakfast, a reception and a gourmet lunch accompanies the session.

The key speakers in past Banff Sessions have included Charles Moore, Ricardo Bofill, Spiro Kostof, Michael Graves, Barton Myers, Paul Rudolph, Charles Jencks, Robert Stern, Kenneth Frampton, Gunnar Birkerts, Stanley Tigerman, Romaldo Giurgola, Wolf Prix, Antoine Predock, E. Fay Jones, Wes Jones, Peter Pran, Odile Hnault, Zaha Hadid, Carme Pinos, Pekka Helin, Jens Arnfred, Neils Torp, Paul De Ley, Dieter Schempp, and Michael Szyszkowitz + Karla Kowalski, James Wines, Eva Maddox, David Pontarini & Siamak Hariri, Marco Polo, Bing Thom, Lawrence Scarpa, Nader Tehrani, Ben Van Berkel, Peter Davey, Marlon Blackwell, PLANT Architects, Hani Rashid, James Cutler and Thomas Heatherwick.

Banff Session 2008 promises to continue this tradition. Speakers include: Heinrich Wolff, South Africa; Bernard Khoury, Lebanon; OFIS Arhitekti, Slovenia; NL Architects, the Netherlands; Studio Granda, Iceland; and Sadar Vuga Architekti, Slovenia, who will speak at the Banff Session launch event.

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