Bachelor: An Installation by Georgia Dickie

MADE presents BACHELOR, an exhibition running from March 15 to May 5, 2012.

Never sure what he is looking for, the BACHELOR is a wayfaring loner, grazing upon the world’s offerings until he happens upon it, or perhaps, until it happens upon him.

In her most recent investigations Georgia Dickie surrenders her production to the limitations of time or labour to dictate any outcomes. Using coincidence and spontaneous logic to drive process – her works are constructed in an instinctive, impromptu manner, like a freestyle rapper. BACHELOR offers observations about the physical world that are literal or metaphorical, attempting to reveal something about its inherent structure.

Utilizing an ad hoc process of construction, Dickie accumulates discarded objects and detritus, later combining and rearranging them in her studio. The sculptures engage elements of utility while simultaneously negating their primary functions and allowing them to exist as descriptive art objects. The chosen objects themselves prove to be irrelevant, leaving us with the space of our own associations and past negotiations.

BACHELOR places focus on the mode of presentation and the use of the exhibition space as a resting place for the assemblies, rather than a final destination. Never giving up too much, the works pose questions surrounding functionality, the unfinished, and the comical absurdity of our world.

Entering into a casual relationship with a two-storey shed in her father’s backyard, Georgia Dickie began by lurking its seemingly infinite inventory. Her practice has developed by relying heavily on chance and is characterized by a deep interest in found materials and their inherent limitations. Currently based in Toronto, she received her BFA from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2011. Her work has been shown in a number of group shows in Toronto, including at Thrush Holmes Empire (2010) and MKG127 (2011).

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