Awards of Excellence: Entries

Canadian Architect 2002 Awards of Excellence

In addition to this year’s winners, the editors thank the following individuals and firms for participating in the Canadian Architect 2002 Awards of Excellence:

ALBERTA: Manasc Isaac Architects, Andrew King Studio, Mark W. Chambers, Sturgess Architecture.

BRITISH COLUMBIA: Acton Ostry Architects, Inc., Apparatus Design, Bing Thom Architects Inc., Brian Broster, Cedric Burgers, Busby + Associates Architects, Bruce Carscadden Architect Inc., Kingsley Cheng Architect Inc., Darryl Condon, Franc d’Ambrosio, Frits de Vries Architect, GS|Designworx, Helliwell + Smith Blue Sky Architecture, Hotson Bakker Architects, Johnston Davidson Architecture and Planning Inc., Mark Koropecky, David Nairne + Associates, Neale Staniszkis Doll Adams Architects, Superkl Inc. Architects (Vancouver).

MANITOBA: Jac Comeau, Corbett Cibinel Architects,Terry Dannelly, Neil Minuk.

ONTARIO: Ampas Architect, Architects Barbara Dewhirst Andr Lessard, William Bennett Architect, Bortolotto Design Architect, Carruthers Shaw and Partners Ltd. Architects, Cornerstone Architecture Inc., Diamond and Schmitt Architects Inc., Dunlop Architects Inc., Dunlop/Two Row Architects in joint venture/Erik Wilke associated architect, G. Bruce Stratton Architects, Hariri Pontarini Architects, Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects/Fichten Soiferman et associs architectes in joint venture, Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects/Stone Kohn McQuire Vogt Architects Associated Architects, Kuwabara McKenna Blumberg Architects, David McAuley Architect, MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects, Montgomery Sisam Architects Inc., Dunlop Architects, Pace Architects, Padolsky Kuwabara Gagnon joint venture architects, Robbie Sane Architects, Shore Tilbe Irwin + Partners in affiliation with Stafford Haensli Architects Inc., Sievenpiper Associates, Inc., Superkl Inc., Architect (Toronto), Taylor Hazell Architects Ltd., Teeple Architects Inc., Urbana Architects Corporation, Zeidler Grinnell Partnership.

QUEBEC: Manon Asselin architecte and Jodoin Lamarre Pratte associated architects, Atelier Big City, Martin Brire, architecte, Consortium V.U.E.S., Hugo Hernandez-Pich, Ron Evans + Ellen Leibovich, MTF Architects, Saucier + Perrotte architectes, Pierre Thibault Architecte.

NEW BRUNSWICK: Architecture 2000 Inc./ Ttrault Languedoc Partnership architects in joint venture.

NOVA SCOTIA: C3 Architects, Brian MacKay-Lyons Architecture Urban Design and Rounthwaite, Dick and Hadley Architects.

Student Award of Excellence

In addition to this year’s winners, the following architecture students were chosen by their schools to enter their thesis projects in this year’s awards:

George Bizios (University of Toronto), Jana Foit (University of British Columbia), Laure Giordani (Universit de Montral), Tristance Kee (University of Waterloo), Marco Marini (Carleton University), Nova Tayona (Dalhousie University), Hao Tian (McGill University).