Award of Excellence: Pavillon J.-Armand Bombardier, Universit de Montral

Located on the campus of the Universit de Montral, the 18,610 square metre Pavillon J.-Armand Bombardier is a joint scientific research centre of the University and the cole Polytechnique de Montral for science and engineering which links both institutions’ interdisciplinary efforts and fosters the exchange of research activities among interfaces in the various disciplines. These include pharmaceutical technology, biotechnology, polymers and sort materials, nanotechnology and nanosciences, as well as aeronautics and aerospace.

The site, on the slopes of Mount Royal and in the heart of the campus, includes planting on the east side inspired by the wild vegetation of Mount Royal Park; landscaping becomes more formal as it moves toward the centre of the campus. Office space is oriented to the south and west to take advantage of views and sunshine. Water conservation is achieved by installing a water cooling loop to help reduce open-circuit water cooling system use. The choice of materials reflects the exisiting built-up framework and the rock that was excavated is recovered, crushed and used as backfill. A toxic and radioactive waste recovery system was set up with the Occupational Health and Safety officer on campus and appropriate processing facilities are integrated into the building.

High-tech laboratories, of which 400 square metres are clean rooms and include an area structurally isolated for the purpose of installing highly accurate measuring instruments, partially comprise the ground floor. The central core of labs is surrounded on each of the five storeys on the south, west and east sides by banks of offices and natural light is filtered into the offices through a linear atrium that separates office-space from lab space. Two-storey open interior gardens cut across the bank of offices, providing contact with the outdoors and affording panoramic views to the south and west of the campuses. The also create a visual contact among the various floors of the building and opening up the possibility of interdisciplinary activity, a cornerstone of the research centre concept.

Erickson: This project represents a fresh and elegant example of the best characteristics of modernism. It is characterized by a well-articulated plan and the clear identification of its constituent parts.

Fisher: The sharing of ideas underlies all of science, and that social enterprise finds a fitting home in this work of architecture, the most social of the arts. What I find most impressive about this laboratory is how it expresses, in both its plan and elevation, the social spaces where the real science will, in many ways, occur. The two-storey lounges provide a break, functionally and architecturally, from the work-like quality of the rest of the building. Likewise, the gap between the offices and labs, each with their own elevations, express the difference between the collective and solitary aspects of science.

MacDonald: The counterpoint made manifest in the composition of this building by the overlay of the idiosyncratically placed two-storey atrium spaces onto the rigorous framework of a modern lab building is simple and powerful. The clarity of its planning and tectonics leave this move alone to represent its human and social dimension.

Client: Universit de Montral and cole Polytechnique de Montral

Architect team: Andr J. Mercure (partner in charge of administration), Claude Provencher (partner in charge of design), Anik Shooner (partner in charge of project), Anne-Sophie Allard, Ghislain Blanger, Isabelle Blain, Alain Boudrias, Eugenio Carelli, Robert Dequoy, Dominique Fragomele, Sylvain Gagn, Pierre Gervais, Franois Hbert, Franois Hogue, Martin Houle, Andr Kirchhoff, Marie-Claude Lambert, Jean-Franois Lantagne, Vincent Lauzon, James Maddigan, Javier Martinez, Joanne Parent, Philippe Poulin, Jean-Luc Rmy, Bach Tran, Jozef Zorko

Structural: Pasquin St-Jean et associs experts conseils inc.

Mechanical/Electrical: Pageau Morel et associs inc./Groupe HBA inc.

Landscape: Williams Asselin Ackaoui

Imaging:, Karim Duranceau

Project manager: Gesvel inc. (L. Pierre Gravel, P. Eng.)

Construction manager: Pomerleau inc.

Acoustician: Octave acoustique inc.

Elevator: Jean-Marc Caron et associs

Hardware: Les Agences Ral Demers

Vibration: Consultants Dury

Budget: $48.9 million

Completion: May 2004