Artscape a finalist for International Social Good Entrepreneurship Award

Artscape, a Canadian creative placemaking and city-building organization, has been selected as a finalist in a prestigious international award competition organized by the Schwab Foundation for organizations that deliver social good. If awarded the 2014 Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Artscape President and CEO Tim Jones will enter the ranks of a global network including KickStart International, Le Relais, Build Change,, Medicines360, One Earth Innovation and hundreds of others. The award would entail travel to Davos, Switzerland to attend the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, where the winner will connect with top business and political leaders and other celebrated social entrepreneurs.

This distinction recognizes Artscape’s work in city-building, in making space for creativity and transforming communities. Mitchell Cohen, President of The Daniels Corporation, a partner and donor of Artscape, supported Artscape’s candidacy for this award. “The arts have the power to transform places,” he said. “Through their innovative non-profit social enterprise model, Artscape has figured out how to harness that power to build healthy, vibrant and sustainable communities and find common ground between a variety of stakeholders so that everyone benefits. My heartfelt congratulations to the board and staff at Artscape on being named a finalist for this prestigious award.”

In a strong vote of confidence, Artscape was nominated by a group of notable Canadian social innovators: Geoff Cape, CEO of Evergreen; Tim Draimin, Executive Director of Social Innovation Generation; Bill Young, President and Founder of Social Capital Partners; Stephen Huddart, President and CEO of the JW McConnell Foundation; and Allyson Hewitt, Director of Social Entrepreneurship at MaRS.

“Artscape is an outstanding candidate for this award,” said Bill Young of Social Capital Partners, a non-profit organization that influences systems change and innovative social finance solutions in Canada. “They are a totally unique organization that practices imaginative community development in a way that tears down the barriers between individual stakeholders’ vested interests and builds up (literally and metaphorically) a different solution and approach that is to the benefit of all of them, and more importantly results in huge benefits to the community at large. Our tagline at Social Capital Partners is ‘Profit Everyone.’ It is hard to think of an organization that embodies that better than Artscape. I tip my hat to Tim Jones and his team.”

“Tim Jones has been an undeniable leader in the field of new ideas for city building and the arts—in Toronto, across Canada and around the world,” said Geoff Cape, CEO of Evergreen. “He has inspired my work at Evergreen with the development of Evergreen Brick Works and I know he has inspired many others. At this point in time, we need leaders like Tim to help define the path forward as we rethink, redesign and rebuild our communities with a focus on creativity, innovation and citizen-based leadership.”

Artscape’s nomination follows the organization’s recent high-profile public opening of Artscape Youngplace in November 2013 and prize for Daniels Spectrum, named Best New Venue for meetings and Events in Canada by BizBash in 2013 just one year after opening. Artscape looks forward to the Schwab Foundation’s announcement of its 2014 awardees in early February.

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