Artemide launches new lighting line by Issey Miyake

A striking new lighting line by legendary Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake was recently launched at an event held at Toronto’s Artemide showroom. The IN-EI Issey Miyake collection of freestanding, table, floor and suspended luminaires was codeveloped and manufactured by Artemide. IN-EI, Japanese for “shadow, shadiness, nuance,” marries Artemide’s lighting expertise with Miyake’s innovative approach to material and design.

Each lampshade is created using 2D or 3D mathematic principles, in which light and shade harmoniously alternate. Constructed out of recycled and specially treated material, the fixtures maintain shape without the need for an internal frame and can be folded and stored flat or reshaped when needed.

Issey Miyake’s unique folding technology creates statuesque and playful forms, while Artemide animates these striking shapes using LED lighting. IN-EI is a descendant of Miyake’s 132.5 project, where the same folding principles transform a single flat piece of fabric into complex form. This method is an extremely ingenious way to make garments or lampshades, a process that provides yet another example of innovative textiles technology.

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