Are there Limits to Gentrification? Evidence from Vancouver

Led by David Ley from the Department of Geography at University of British Columbia, this seminar takes place at 4:00pm on Monday, October 19, 2009 in Room 2125 of Sidney Smith Hall, located at 100 St. George Street in Toronto.


Professor Ley is Canada’s foremost expert on issues relating to gentrification and inner-city neighbourhood change. His research interests focus on downtown and inner-city topics, as well as broader issues in urban, social and cultural geography.


Ley was appointed as a Trudeau Fellow, 2003-2006, and between 1996-2003, he was the UBC Director of the Metropolis Project, examining issues of immigration and integration in Greater Vancouver and beyond. Ley also holds a Canada Research Chair in Geography. Current projects include: assessment of concentrated immigrant poverty in Toronto and Vancouver; multiculturalism and the governance of diversity; housing markets in a globalizing era; and stopping gentrification.


This seminar is sponsored by University of Toronto Cities Centre, with Program in Planning, Department of Geography, and Neighbourhood Change Community University Research Alliance.


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