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RAIC Gold Medal call for submissions

November 19, 2014
by Canadian Architect

RAIC | Architecture Canada’s Gold Medal is the highest honour that it can bestow in recognition of a significant and lasting contribution to Canadian architecture and is not to be construed as a competition.

The award is given in recognition of a significant body of work deemed to be a major contribution to Canadian architecture, and having lasting influence on the theory and/or the practice of architecture, either – through demonstrated excellence in design; and/or, excellence in research or education.

Any individual, living or dead, may be nominated to receive the Gold Medal. In exceptional circumstances, the Gold Medal may be awarded to more than one individual architect where it is clearly demonstrated that the nominees have individually and collectively met the selection criteria.

No more than one such award shall be made in any year.

Candidates will be evaluated on how well they meet the program criteria as established by the Board, which may include:

*the candidate shall have demonstrated great depth, having a cumulative effect on the profession of architecture in Canada.
*the candidate shall have demonstrated great breadth, having influenced the practice of architecture, the teaching of architecture, and/or research in architecture.
*the candidate shall have demonstrated the ability to transcend specific areas of expertise or shall have made connections between areas of focus that might be considered circumscribed.
*the candidate shall be widely known by the quality of his or her work: by those who practice architecture, by those who teach architecture, and by those who perhaps do neither.

Nominations can be made by one or more members of Architecture Canada. Nominations received will be considered each year for five consecutive years, after which the nomination will lapse. The nominator(s) may modify/revise the submission to bring it up to date. Previous nominees may be re-nominated.

The deadline for nominations is January 15, 2015.

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peter busby, winner of the 2014 RAIC gold medal
peter busby, winner of the 2014 RAIC gold medal

Canadian Architect

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