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Live-stream webinar coming to Vancouver’s POP // CAN // CRIT

September 20, 2018
by Canadian Architect

Registration is now open for the 2018 edition of POP // CAN // CRIT: The Business of Architecture in Canada! This year’s event will take place in Vancouver, BC on Friday, October 19. POP // CAN // CRIT is also excited to announce that PCC2018 will be happening both in-person in Vancouver and as a live-streaming webinar across the country! All attendees will also be eligible to receive continuing education credits through the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC), for all sessions attended. Special RAIC member applies.

This year's POP // CAN // CRIT will feature a live-stream webinar. Photo by Aditya Chinchure via Unsplash.

This year’s POP // CAN // CRIT will feature a live-stream webinar. Photo by Aditya Chinchure via Unsplash.

The 2018 symposium will bring together architects, academics, and media and business strategy professionals to discuss the business of architecture in Canada. Panel discussions will focus how the art and business of architecture come together, how we communicate architecture, how business topics are currently being taught or not taught in architecture schools in Canada, the growing awareness of the gender gaps that exist in the profession, as well as how and whether architecture firms are succession planning – and what this all means for the future of architecture in Canada.

Formed in 2016, POP // CAN // CRIT is an annual, national symposium that looks critically at popular topics and the peripheries of architectural practice, within a Canadian context. It brings together leading voices from the profession and larger design field, who are changing the way we see and understand architecture. The annual event challenges current practice, examines contemporary issues, and proposes new solutions to the future of architecture practice.

A full list of speakers has now been announced for POP // CAN // CRIT 2018, and event registration is now underway.

More information about this year’s POP // CAN // CRIT: The Business of Architecture in Canada, including the first ever live-stream webinar, is now available via the RAIC website, linked here.

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