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Lemay wins international competition to redesign Morocco’s Casablanca coast

March 6, 2017
by Canadian Architect

Rendering courtesy of Lemay.

Rendering courtesy of Lemay.

Lemay has won an international competition to redesign the corniches of Morocco’s Casablanca coast, which include the new seaside promenade of the Hassan II Mosque and the Ain Diab corniche. This win reinforces Lemay’s international presence and showcases Quebec’s creativity and design abroad.

Launched by real estate agency Casa Aménagement in June of 2016, the international competition aims to enhance the natural space for the residents of Casablanca, on the edge of the thriving metropolis. New urban and landscape design will promote mobility along the length of the corniche and reinforce the appeal of the Casablanca coast in a spirit of modernity, sustainability and innovation.

The project, launched on December 20th by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, involves creating an urban public park and corniche along the El Hank embankment. Designed in harmony with its environment, the new promenade will become an extension of the Hassan II Mosque, an architectural gem and source of Moroccan pride that is one of the economic capital’s must-see landmarks.

Rendering courtesy of Lemay.

Rendering courtesy of Lemay.

The five-kilometre coast will offer Casablanca residents and visitors a plethora of new and complementary uses, based around three main functions: a festive event space, a seaside resort and a nature preserve. They will be able to enjoy new rest areas, walkways, outdoor sports and spectacular views of the Atlantic, without leaving the City.

Lemay’s proposal stood out with its transdisciplinary approach combining broad expertise in international development, sustainability, architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and graphic design. For the purposes of the project, Lemay collaborated with Moroccan firm Geodata, which specializes in topography and engineering.

Rendering courtesy of Lemay.

Rendering courtesy of Lemay.

Sustainable development is at the heart of the Lemay approach and feature prominently in the winning proposal. Several sustainable development strategies were woven into the new urban design in order to reduce the project’s ecological footprint. Among the most remarkable is the implementation of an electric tramway as a complement to the Casablanca coast’s first-ever bicycle path.

A grey-water treatment system using bio filtering gardens has been added to the strategy developed by Lemay and Geodata. Recycling, ecological handling of waste, the use of local materials and plants as well as the revitalization of natural areas will all contribute to the creation of a sustainable environment for the well-being of future generations.

The first phase of the Hassan II Mosque’s seaside promenade is scheduled for end of 2017, with the Ain Diab corniche inauguration planned for the following year.

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