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Utopia’s Ghost opens at the Canadian Centre for Architecture

February 24, 2008
by Canadian Architect

Presented in collaboration with Columbia University, this exhibition opens on February 28, 2008 at the CCA’s Octagonal Gallery, and presents new interpretations of and connections among architectural projects of the postmodern period.

It is difficult to get historians, theorists, or architects to agree on a definition of “postmodernism,” whether in architecture or elsewhere, except that whatever it is (or was), it has involved the exhaustion of modernist utopias. Many also assume that the postmodern period is now “over.”

Architecture has had a special role to play in helping to form these impressions, largely due to assertions made by architects and architectural critics during the 1970s. This exhibition will revisit some of these claims and the architecture with which they have been associated, in the interest of conjuring utopia’s ghost. The implications are twofold: first, to rekindle the utopian spirit (if not specific utopian proposals) with the help of material in which it seems least likely to be found, and second, to counter assertions that in its current, often techno-triumphalist mode, architecture has somehow escaped from the postmodern impasse.

On Thursday, February 28 at 7:00 pm, members of the student curatorial team of Utopia’s Ghost from Columbia University offer a gallery talk.

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