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162 out of 172 houses are on the High Street…

August 26, 2005
by Canadian Architect

This solo exhibition by artist Sofie Thorsen takes place from September 17-November 6, 2005 at the Galerie fr Zeitgenssische Kunst in Leipzig, Germany.

In drawings and slide series with explanatory audio texts, Sofie Thorsen has for several years been exploring the themes of dwelling, the influence of tourism on established village structures and the formal appearance of detached houses and housing estates in new or older villages. The village is the subject of an entire series of the artist’s work, in which it figures as a metaphor for the living conditions and social structures within particular dimensions. As a result of increasing mobility, suburban structures are undergoing drastic changes. Either the old structures are dying or new ones are developing that are intended or attempting to look like the functioning villages of the past. This can be seen outside of urban centres in areas with shopping malls and squares built in an artificially homely manner for example in holiday resorts that remind one of Disneyland. Here "the search for the cosy" (Setha Low, sociologist) is the primary concern of residents and planners alike. Local differences are the result of the inclusion of traditional construction styles and materials as signifiers for the buildings’ users.Past and present, reality and fiction play and essential role in all Thorsen’s projects. What was, what is, what has changed and what might happen? In the course of her investigations, fictional elements increasingly enter the works.

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