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Competition: Urban Spaces and Urban Life in Orestad South

November 17, 2006
by Canadian Architect

Orestadsselskabet (Orestad Development Corporation) in Copenhagen, Denmark invites entries that can lead to the creation of attractive, unique and functional urban spaces that will form a good setting for the diverse life that will unfold in Orestad South in the coming years.

Orestad South is covered by the most extensive local plan in Danish history in terms of square metres covered. A total of 1.2 million square metres of residential facilities, commercial facilities and public institutions will emerge in this area in the coming decade, forming a completely new urban area south of Copenhagen. A vibrant city district is first and foremost shaped and animated by the people who use it on an everyday basis: at home, at work or in the various public institutions and facilities. For this reason, the new urban spaces must not only be characterized by a high aesthetic quality; they must also be a robust and inspiring setting for everyday life in all its diversity.

The competition for the design of urban spaces in Orestad South is testimony to our belief that the development of high-quality urban spaces is crucial in making an urban district attractive and viable in the long run. Entrants are requested to present proposals for an overall plan of the urban spaces in the planned city district. The urban space plan must give an overview of the various types of activities and functions and their locations in the three north-south urban spaces and the seven open squares included in the competition. Entrants are also requested to present motivated outline proposals for a number of activity fields in the three north-south urban spaces and to present outline proposals for the layout, functions and activities of the seven squares in the area.

This international competition is open to everyone, but is in particular aimed at architects, including landscape architects, who are encouraged to work with ethnologists, anthropologists, sociologists, human geographers and representatives of other disciplines with competencies that are relevant to provide a response to the brief’s requirement of focusing on urban life.

The deadline for inquiries is December 7, 2006, and February 14, 2007 is the deadline for submission.

Of a total sum of 750,000 DKK, a first prize of at least 150,000 DKK will be awarded. The Orestad Development Corporation intends to ask the winners of the competition to provide consultancy services in relation to the realization of the winning entries.

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