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Brilliant Awards celebrate leaders in the sustainable economy

June 6, 2007
by Canadian Architect

The Discover Brilliant International Conference and Expo, which will be held from September 17-19, 2007, is now accepting nominations for their Brilliant Awards. The Brilliant Awards will honour firms who best demonstrate the true marriage of economics, environment and security in buildings, business, utilities, communities and transportation. The three categories are Projects, Technologies, and a Lifetime Achievement Award. Future leaders, selected through a regional essay contest, will deliver the awards to honor those firms who are making the kind of decisions that will leave a strong sustainable economy as a legacy to the next generation. In order to truly build the sustainable economy, the focus of Discover Brilliant is creating more value with less impact across communities, businesses, buildings, utilities and transportation. Day 1 will build a picture of the landscape what are those passions, politics and possibilities that will shape the world in which we live? The second day focuses on the specific steps and implementations. The third day will feature a series of roundtable summits that will allow leaders to explore critical topics. An expo and job fair will run in parallel. Discover Brilliant 2007 will be held at the Sheraton Seattle and the Washington State Convention & Trade Center.

There are three separate awards categories, one that focuses on projects, the second that focuses on technologies that make those projects a reality, and a third that recognizes a key individual who has made a lifetime of contribution.

There are five categories of awards focused on project owners:

*Brilliant Buildinga building that demonstrates the marriage of economic value on metrics that matter; environmental soundness in building and site; and a more secure, less risky asset.
*Brilliant Businessa firm that establishes true sustainable competitive advantage and manages its product, facilities, operations and procurement in a way that generates more value with less impact.
*Brilliant Communitya community that is not only good users but also good providers of sustainable solutions to the world.
*Brilliant UtilityIOU or public power utility that best exemplifies progressive thinking on generation, delivery and end-use management.
*Brilliant Transportation–the strongest example of an installed transportation approach that marries value, environment and security.

The second set of awards focus on the innovations that are making our infrastructure choices more economically valuable, environmentally sound, and secure. They include both products and services in the following categories:

* Energy Generation
* Energy Storage
* Energy Delivery
* Building Systems
* Materials
* Energy & Environmental Management
* Water Systems
* Recycling and Waste Systems
* Vehicles
* Fuels and Fueling infrastructure solutions
* Industrial and Agricultural Technology

The Brilliant Leader Lifetime Achievement Award will honour a member of the industry who has had a lifetime of impact on our ability to build a sustainable economy. Nomination forms are available on the conference website at A noteworthy panel of judges will select the finalists in each category, who will be announced on September 1, 2007. The winner will be revealed on the evening of September 18, 2007 at the Gala Awards Ceremony.

Conference highlights include:

*Distinguished speakers in the form of key government leaders, leading CEOs, world-class thought leaders and pioneers will reveal what’s now and what’s next for communities, building, business, utilities and transportation.
*The Brilliant Awards gala ceremony celebrates the firms who best demonstrate the true marriage of economics, environment and security.
*The Brilliant Essay Contest, sponsored by the Generation BE Foundation, is geared to middle-school, high-school and post-secondary students. Students are asked to write a persuasive letter directed to the business and government leaders of today about the legacy they should be leaving to ensure prosperity and sustainability for future generations. Winners will receive a $1,000 scholarship at the gala ceremony.
*The Brilliant Exposition & Showcase will feature the best of breed and state-of-the-art solutions in clean technologies and green innovations.
*The Brilliant Opportunities Job Fair will emphasize the employment, educational and talent opportunities for the new economy. Exhibiting companies and educators will have their recruiters on the showroom floor to advertise their employment and educational opportunities, and to find the leading talent in this burgeoning environment.

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