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ArtCity & Peepshow presents the 2007 Live Architecture Competition

April 4, 2007
by Canadian Architect

Rupture, when considered an acting force of change to something constant, an interruption occurs. When the rupted first appears as such, the changed establishes its complete origin and end. Thus, the pre-rupted has the same knowledge/meaning/importance to that what is (or will be) changed. If we reverse the spatial relation between the changed and the pre-rupted, the linearity of the action becoming thought is interrupted via metonymy by intermitted spaces in time.

This metonymy is what alerts change of its changing while remaining pure to the origin and end at all moments of rupting. In other words, if we freeze-frame a change through (and acting in) time, what we comprehend is space in relation to what is and what will be: the metonymized object.

This year’s project is theoretical with a practical cause. We are asking for a study of a metonymized object in the midst of rupture. For this we require two drawings/panels:

1. The first is the changed: Design of the Centre of Metaphysical Techniques
2. The second is the metonymized or rupted object: The interrupted act of themanifestation of becoming the Centre of Metaphysical Techniques in spacial objectivity.

Provide a maximum of 250 words of text only if text is needed.

The prize is the final stage of the study: actualizing it. The winner(s) will be flown to Calgary to participate in a live architectural workshop manifesting their metonymized object (or derivative of) onto the site at a human scale. They will work together with a special guest and volunteers to create a live architectural object for the duration of ArtCity’s festival which occurs in the second week of September 2007. The winning entry will receive a trip to Calgary (airfare, hotel) and $1,500 CDN. The winning submission and live architectural workshop will be published.

Jurors are Lebbeus Woods of New Yorks Cooper Union, and Alberto Prez-Gmez of McGill University in Montreal.

The deadline for submissions is July 23, 2007. For more information on the competition, please visit

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