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Architecture Plus Awards 2006 launches global call for entries

November 22, 2006
by Canadian Architect

Organizers of the Architecture Plus Awards have announced that the second cycle of the popular international event will be held in Dubai, and have thrown open the competition to professionals and organizations in 13 categories. Intended to reward architects, landscapers, designers, planners, conservationists and students for their thematic contributions to “Design for a New World”, the Awards are expected to receive entries from at least 30 countries around the globe. Rashid Taqui, publisher of Architecture Plus magazine and founder of the Architecture Plus Award, confirmed that the Second Cycle of the biennial award would be held in Dubai in June 2007, as the culmination of a seven-month activity conducted across the world.

“As befitting the nature of an international competition, the Architecture Plus Awards will run through several systematic phases of assessment and judging, before 13 individuals or organizations are chosen as the best in their respective categories, apart from two special commendations. All 15 individuals will be honoured at the end of the cycle at an event held in Dubai,” he stated.

Taqui said that in addition to existing categories, the Awards would feature contemporary ones that reflect the contribution of students and women to “Design for a New World.” Noteworthy additions this year are Architecture for and by Women, Architecture for Children, and Architecture for Community. The other categories are Offices – Retail and Commercial, Hotels and Resorts, Housing and Residential Developments, Public – Arts and Culture, Preservation and Conservation, Urban Design, Landscape Architecture and Architectural Lighting. Three special commendations include Aspiring Architect (for students), the Professional’s Choice Award, and the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Taqui also commented on the overwhelming response to the Awards, since its first edition was held in Dubai in 2004. “When we first sought global participation, we did not expect the phenomenal response it has continued to evoke. The Awards were originally designed as an extension of our magazine and were meant to encourage architects, designers and students in finding solutions appropriate to the problems of our region. Overnight, it has turned into a platform that allows exceptional performance among them to be rewarded and recognized,” he stated.

He also explained the phases of the cycle receipt of entries from around the world and the evaluation and submission to the jury for their consideration. “The jury comprises internationally acclaimed and recognized professionals from prestigious architectural associations and practices who will individually and collectively judge the entries. Early next year, a panel of these jurists will convene in Dubai to choose the final winners of the Architecture+ Awards.

“The submissions will be evaluated for response to context, meeting client or context requirements, environmental performance and ecological balance, universal appeal, advancement and sustainability, and for attempting to conserve history. The projects must emphasize accomplishments in the “New World”, a creative reference to emerging countries,” he stated.

The Architecture Plus Awards are the initiative of Dubai’s premier and the region’s leading architecture and design magazine, Architecture Plus. With subscribers in 27 countries, the magazine has a wide international reach which supports its mission to validate architecture across the New World (the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and the Indian Subcontinent) as well as at international schools of architecture and design.

In its Second Cycle, the Awards are expected to draw prestigious entries from across the world. Previous Award winners included Laurie Baker, Bernard Khoury, Edge Design Institute of China, HOK Gulf, Saudi Diyar Consultants, Denton Corker Marshall Jakarta, and Forum Architects of Singapore, among others. The Awards are a biennial event currently held in Dubai, with various international venues being considered for forthcoming years.

Complete details of the Architecture Plus Awards II: Design for a New World are available online at the Architecture Plus website at

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