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All Horizons Qubec Design : an exhibition from the UQAM Design Centre at Saint-Etienne, Marseille and Washington

December 11, 2006
by Canadian Architect

The UQAM Design Centre presented All Horizons Qubec Design at the Biennale of Saint-Etienne 2006 in France from November 22nd to December 3rd. The exhibition has now moved to the Palais de la Bourse de la Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie Marseille-Provence as of December 8th, where it will run until December 27th, within the framework of the Commerce Marseille Design agreement between the towns of Montreal and Marseille. It will end in Washington, DC, at the Art Gallery of the Canadian Embassy with an exhibition period spanning January 24 to April 15, 2007.

All Horizons Qubec Design incorporates a selection of the most recent works of 15 Qubec designers and with an additional Finnish nod towards Qubec design. Participants include: l’Atelier Orange (Koen de Winter), l’Atelier Scrap (tienne Jongen), Brave Design (Andrea and Robert White), Claude Mauffette Design Industriel, Erratum Designers (Frdric Galliot and Vincent Hauspy), Futil Design (Alexandre Berthiaume), Goyer Bonneau cramistes (Denise Goyer and Alain Bonneau), Harricana (Mariouche Gagn), Hexagram Sub Tela Studio Barbara Layne, Messier Designers Inc. (Patrick Messier), Michel Dallaire Design Industriel Inc., Morelli Designers (Michel Morelli), Perisphere (Thien Ta Trung and My Ta Trung), Rita (Karine Corbeil, Stphane Halma-Voisard and Francis Rollin), Topo Design (Charles Godbout and Luc Plante) and Fiasko Design (Klaus Aalto).

The works chosen deliberately include a mixture of prototypes and craft and industrial products, both mass produced and from limited series, as well as advanced research drawing upon new computer technologies. Some of the creations were inspired locally, while others have a definitely international flavour. Ecological concerns, from recycling materials to complete objects, are also very much in evidence in the exhibition.

All these aspects, sometimes intertwined, are at the heart of contemporary Quebec design and shape the practices of our designers whose creations are seeking inroads into the market, often with the assistance of foreign companies. The end result is a widely varied presentation ranging from ceramic objects for the table to interactive fabrics and a bicycle frame in carbon fibre. Design that is searching and researching. Design from all horizons.

All Horizons Qubec Design is a produced by the UQAM Design Centre. Marc H. Choko is the director and artistic co-director, along with Georges Labrecque, project manager. The NAC Creative workshop was in charge of graphic design.

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