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2007 Ontario Region Steel Design Awards

February 15, 2007
by Canadian Architect

Three new categories have been added to the 2007 CISC Steel Design Awards for a total of five categories, and are as follows:

Buildings or other structures in which architectural considerations predominantly influenced the design of the structure.

Buildings, bridges, process plants or other structures in which engineering considerations predominantly influenced the design and construction of the structure.

Green Buildings NEW
Buildings or other structures in which steel has been reused, recycled or used as part of a sustainable development project, ie; LEED certification.

Projects Converted into Steel NEW
Buildings or other structures in which structural steel was chosen over other building materials because of its unique structural qualities.

Projects Constructed Outside of Ontario NEW
Industrial buildings or other structures that have been fabricated by a CISC Ontario Region Fabricator outside of the province.

All project entries must be fabricated by a CISC Ontario Region Fabricator and be completed between October 1, 2005 and April 1, 2007. Projects must illustrate ingenuity and innovation in the use of structural steel or platework. Applicants can enter a project in more than one category.

Judges will be selected from non-interested parties, ie; designers not involved in projects entered in the competition. Their decisions will be final. Only one winning project from each category will be selected for an award. Judges may cite one or more projects for an Award of Merit. Judges reserve the right to award or not to award in each category based on the quality of the submitted projects.

An Intention to Submit form is to be completed and received by February 26, 2007. Download a copy of the PDF form from the website at, complete the form electronically and e-mail a copy to [email protected]

Once the Intention to Submit form is received, a Project Submission Package will be forwarded to the submitting contact. This package can also be downloaded from the website at

The Project Submission Package should be bound in a presentation binder, and must be submitted by March 30, 2007. The submission will require a list of project team members, a written description explaining why the particular steel solution was chosen to be used for the structure, in comparison with other possible solutions or structural materials. Particularly interesting architectural or engineering design features, as well as fabrication and erection challenges should also be discussed.

Colour photographs that provide a good visual representation of the project will be used by the judging panel in their review of each project. A number of high-quality photographs (five are recommended) should be included with your submission, including at least two high-resolution (300 dpi) electronic image of the finished product. A few reduced-size drawings and details may also be included if desired, but are not required.

The Owner, Architect, Structural Engineer, General Contractor, and CISC Steel Fabricator, Detailer, Erector of winning projects will each receive a plaque commemorating the Award. Awards will be announced and presented at the CISC Ontario Region Spring Reception no May 16, 2007 at the Toronto Congress Centre.

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