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2004 Ontario Association of Architects Award Winners

May 10, 2004
by Canadian Architect

Winners in the Architectural Excellence category include Diamond Schmitt Architects Incorporated; Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects; Robbie Sane Architects Inc.; Baird Sampson Neuert Architects Inc.; Diamond Schmitt Architects Incorporated and Boigon Petroff Shepherd Architects in joint venture; Philip Beesley Architect Inc. with Baker and Elmes Architects; Kohn Shnier Architects; Goldsmith Borgal & Company Architects Ltd.; Quadrangle Architects Limited; WZMH Architects with E.R.A. Architects Inc.; Daryl J. Hood, Intern Architect with CSV Consultants Inc. Architects; and Drew Mandel, Intern Architect with Amy Falkner, OAA and David Miller, OAA.

Winners in the Ideas & Presentations category include Brown and Storey Architects; Flavio Trevisan, Intern Architect in collaboration with TSA Guide Map Committee; Jason Smirnis, Intern Architect; Brown and Storey Architects with MacViro Consultants Inc.; Theo Kelaiditis, Intern Architect; Giannone Associates Architects Inc. & Pilchner Schoustal International Inc.; Taylor Hazell Architects Ltd. and Sarah Ferguson, Radiocapte; and Bortolotto Design Architect.

Winners in the Business Awards category include Marklevitz Architect and Davidson-Langley Incorporated Architects in joint venture; E.R.A. Architects Inc.; Breathe Architects; and Diamond and Schmitt Architects Incorporated.

The Order of da Vinci recipient is Gene Kinoshita.

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