Architecture Without Borders Quebec receives support for circular economy project

The group will develop a digital platform for the reuse of bricks in Montreal projects.

Architecture Without Borders Quebec (AWBQ) received financial support of $495,650 from the Government of Quebec, as part of its circular economy project “Matériaux Sans Frontières.”

The project will propel a partnership with BRIQUE RECYC, an initiative of Maçonnerie Gratton. The signing of this strategic partnership is part of one of the seven components of the AWBQ project and reflects its commitment to recover materials that are normally destined for landfill.

(from left to right): Marie-Andrée Mauger, Mayor of Verdun and responsible for the ecological transition and the environment on the Executive Committee of the City of Montreal ; Caroline Thomasset-Laperrière, Project Manager in Circular Economy, AWBQ; Bruno Demers, Executive Director of ASFQ; Tommy Bouillon, CEO of BRIQUE RECYC and Chantal Rouleau, Minister for Transport and Minister responsible for the Metropolis and the Montreal Region .
Photo credit: Philippe Latour, photographer.

A digital platform dedicated to the reuse of bricks during projects in Montreal will be developed,  connecting those wishing to dispose of bricks, with those needing blocks for their projects.

“The strength of this innovative platform, complementary to Brique Recyc, lies in an alliance between like-minded partners. I have always had the courage and the aim of improving my field of business. Today, I am proud to see this project come to fruition, with major partners, in order to prevent the enormous waste and loss of our built heritage that I have witnessed day after day in my industry. The combination of our strengths and values will be the voice of the future and a way to be real agents of change as we confront the climate crisis,” says Tommy Bouillon, CEO of BRIQUE RECYC.

A comprehensive and professional service will be offered to those wishing to help in this goal of limiting and reducing the impact of the construction industry on the environment.

“I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the Government of Quebec for granting this substantial financial assistance from the Fonds d’initiative et de rayonnement de la métropole (FIRM). Our organization, which has set up a circular economy program, is happy to count on another major ally, Maçonnerie Gratton, a leader of innovation and an agent of change in the construction industry, thanks to Brique Recyc. Such support for the development of our Matériaux Sans Frontières – Phase 1 project will allow the deployment of our circularity strategies, namely putting our architectural heritage back into circulation at affordable prices, while generating a source of ongoing funding for AWBQ’s programs for the benefit of the community,” says Bruno Demers, Executive Director of AWBQ.