Architecture for Humanity summer volunteer opportunity in the Gulf Coast

Architecture for Humanity is working with the East Biloxi Relief and Redevelopment Agency and the Gulf Coast Community Design Studio to rehab 100 houses over the course of the next year, and they need all the hands they can get.

Work includes gutting, de-moulding and rehabbing the interiors of homes damaged by Hurricane Katrina as well as helping the Gulf Coast Community Design Studio in everything from developing rehab standards and planning to helping families make small improvements to the layout of their homes as they repair them.

Spring Break in Biloxi more than lived up to expectations for all involved, and Hands On has generously agreed to partner with AfH to host volunteers again over the summer. Housing and two meals a day will be provided. You can come down for as little as a few days or as long as the whole summer. If you are interested in spending some time rebuilding, please e-mailBeth Orser at For more information on Architecture for Humanity, please visit