Architecture Canada | RAIC Calls for Submissions

The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) issues a call for submissions every two years for its Awards of Excellence, and has recently announced its Call for Submissions for the following awards:

RAIC Awards of Excellence

Advocate for Architecture

Allied Arts Medal

Green Building

Innovation in Architecture

President’s Award for Media in Architecture

Emerging Architectural Practice Award

Architectural Firm Award

Prix du XXe Siècle

Young Architect Award

The deadline for all submissions is January 10, 2013 at 4:00pm EST.

Advocate for Architecture:  This award is for an individual who has contributed to the elevation of architecture in the public realm by means other than the practice of architecture. The award is to recognize the long-term commitment to and support for the profession of architecture in Canada, at the national, regional or local level.

Allied Arts Medal:  This award, which was established in 1953, is awarded to a Canadian artist/resident for recognition of outstanding creative achievement in the arts in any medium which are allied to architecture; for example, mural paintings, sculpture, decoration, stained glass, industrial design, etc. Selection of the Allied Arts Medalist is made by a jury appointed by the Architecture Canada awards committee.

Green Building:  This award is to recognize outstanding achievements of high-performance architecture in Canada for buildings that are environmentally responsible and healthy places to live, work and play. The award recognizes building designs and construction practices that significantly reduce or eliminate the negative impact of buildings on the environment and on occupants, or provide for regeneration, in five broad areas: sustainable site planning, safeguarding water and water efficiency, energy efficiency and renewable energy, conservation of materials and resources, and indoor environmental quality. This award is open to built works – either new construction or renovations – completed after January 1, 2006.

Innovation in Architecture:  This award recognizes excellence in architectural innovation, including the research and development and the applied use of new technology; unique adaptation of existing technology; new project delivery methods; new design processes; new details; or the development of new methods related to the construction process. Innovations cover a wide range of architectural endeavours including, but not limited to management, project delivery, energy, or building envelope. The award is intended to recognize skill and innovation in technology and project delivery rather than the art of architecture.

President’s Award for Media in Architecture:  Architecture Canada | RAIC members value media coverage on architecture, architectural events and architectural milestones. This award recognizes a book, a unique story, article, radio or television piece for its contribution to the wide-spread dissemination of architectural values and ideas.

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