Architects receive Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal from the Royal Canadian Academy Of Arts

The Royal Canadian Academy of Arts presented the Queen Elizabeth ll Diamond Jubilee Medals at a celebration reception for RCA recipients in Toronto at the Gardiner Museum in late November 2012.

The Diamond Jubilee Medal recipients honoured by the RCA represent a range of individuals including RCA Members, RCA Past Presidents, as well as those who have given significant support and continued contribution to the RCA. Through their longstanding commitment and by their clear understanding of the importance of creating vibrant communities through the arts, these recipients have in turn fostered and celebrated the arts in Canada.

During this event, two distinguished Canadian artists, Landon Mackenzie RCA, painter, and Michel Dallaire RCA, industrial designer (BIXI Bike), each received the medal, and each delivered a talk that presented their work, discussing the importance of the arts in Canada.

The British Consul General Mr. Jonathan Dart presented the Jubilee Medals to the following recipients:

Debbie Adams RCA, Graphic Design

Douglas Bentham RCA, Sculpture

Ron Bolt RCA, Past President, Painting

Warren Carther RCA, Glass Art

Johnson Chou RCA, Vice President, Architecture/Design

George Cuthbertson RCA, Industrial Design

Michel Dallaire RCA, Industrial Design

Jerry Grey RCA, Painting

Stephen Hogbin RCA, Sculpture

J. Alison Hymas RCA, Past President, Interior Design

Tadeusz Jaworski RCA, Filmmaking

Gene Kinoshita RCA, Past President, Architecture

Doug Kirton RCA, Painting

Landon Mackenzie RCA, Painting

Ann McCall RCA, Past President, Printmaking

Helga Plumb RCA, Architecture

John A. Reeves RCA, Photography

Leslie Reid RCA, Painting

Milly Ristvedt RCA, Painting

Ann Roberts RCA, Ceramics

Carole Sabiston RCA, Textile Art

Ron Shuebrook RCA, Past President, Painting

Rebecca Sisler RCA, Sculpture

Jeremy Sturgess RCA, Architecture

Ernestine Tahedl RCA, Stained Glass Design

Stephen Teeple RCA, Architecture

Yves Trudeau RCA, Sculpture

Joseph-Richard Veilleux RCA, Vice President, Painting

Barbara Vogel RCA, President, Architecure

Jacek Vogel RCA, Architecture

Gesta Abols, Legal Advisor

John F. Bankes, Financial Advisor

Kelsey Blackwell, Strategy Advisor

Robin Higham, Supporter

John McColl, Portfolio Manager

Klaus Nienkämper, Benefactor

Steven Rosenberg, Accounting Services

Ross Walker, Supporter