Architects from 14 Canadian cities named 2019 RAIC Fellows

A Toronto architect with a portfolio of subway stations; a Montreal hospital expert; a Vancouver leader in sustainable design, and a Winnipeg scholar working toward a national architecture policy are among the Canadian architects to be named 2019 Fellows.

The College of Fellows of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) bestows Fellowship to RAIC members in recognition of outstanding achievement. Criteria include design excellence, exceptional scholarly contribution, or distinguished service to the profession or the community.

Fellows will be inducted at the College of Fellows Convocation ceremony on October 29 at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto during the annual RAIC Festival of Architecture which takes place October 26 to 30.

Representing Canada coast-to-coast, the 41 new Fellows come from Calgary, AB; Edmundston, NB; Halifax, NS; Hamilton, ON; Lethbridge, AB; Montreal, QC; New Glasgow, NS; Niagara
Falls, ON; North Bay, ON; Ottawa, ON; Toronto, ON; Vancouver, BC; Westmount, QC, and Winnipeg, MB.

They include:

Richard Lyle Stevens

Photo Courtesy of the RAIC

Richard Lyle Stevens, of IBI Group in Toronto, whose projects include subway stations at Downsview, Sheppard West, Don Mills, Bayview, Finch West, Pioneer Village, Union Station’s second platform, and the Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail project

Jennifer Cutbill

Photo Courtesy of the RAIC

Jennifer Cutbill, of Local Practice Architecture + Design in Vancouver, who practices and teaches regenerative design, represented BC/Yukon on the RAIC board directors; founded the RAIC’s Committee on Regenerative Environments, and co-founded Vancouver Design Week;

Michel Broz

Photo Courtesy of the RAIC

Michel Broz, of Jodoin Lamarre Pratte architectes in Montreal, who has led hospital projects across Quebec, including the Critical Care Pavilion (K) at the Jewish General Hospital and expansion of the Sainte-Justine University Hospital Centre;

Lisa Landrum

Photo Courtesy of the RAIC

Lisa Landrum, of the University of Manitoba Faculty of Architecture in Winnipeg, who is an associate professor, associate dean (research), and sits on Canadian Architectural Licensing Authorities working group seeking to advance a national architecture policy.

Emmanuelle van Rutten

Photo Courtesy of the RAIC

Emmanuelle van Rutten has served as the RAIC’s Regional Director for Ontario North, East, and Nunavut since 2015. During that time, she supported advocacy efforts on files such as procurement reform, led outreach efforts via lectures at universities across the region, and represented the RAIC before the House of Commons Committee on Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources.

Kathleen Kurtin

Photo Courtesy of the RAIC

Kathleen Kurtin, an architect based in Toronto, ON. Kurtin is currently the OAA’s president, where she promotes education, equity, fairness, and members’ participation as paramount to the future of the architectural profession in Ontario.

2019 New Fellows

Ron LeLievre, New Glasgow
Craig William Mosher, Halifax
Reno Soucy, Edmundston

Erich Marosi, Westmount
Michel Broz, Montreal

Ontario North and East & Nunavut
Brian Bertrand, North Bay
Paul Dolan, Ottawa
Emmanuelle van Rutten, Ottawa
Robert J. Boraks, Ottawa

Ontario Southwest
Jerry Chlebowski, Toronto
Andrew Bernard Filarski, Toronto
Barbara Miszkiel, Toronto
Chris Couse, Toronto
Chris McQuillan, Toronto
David Stavros, Toronto
Donna Dolan, Toronto
Drew Hauser, Hamilton
Emilio Raimondo, Niagara Falls
Kathleen Kurtin, Toronto
Mark Berest, Toronto
Mark Sterling, Toronto
Megan Torza, Toronto
Patrick B. Fejér, Toronto
Patrick Saavedra, Toronto
Paul George Dowsett, Toronto
Peggy Theodore, Toronto
Richard Lyle Stevens, Toronto
Robert Allen, Toronto
Robert Freedman, Toronto
Rocco Maragna, Toronto
Roland Rom Colthoff, Toronto
Sydney Elizabeth Browne, Toronto
Edward (Ted) Kerry Watson, Toronto

Verne Reimer, Winnipeg
Lisa Landrum, Winnipeg

Graham Livesey, Calgary
Elizabeth Songer, Lethbridge

John Warren Scott, Vancouver
Graham Fligg, Vancouver
Bruce Carscadden, Vancouver
Jennifer Cutbill, Vancouver

The College of Fellows will also induct five Honorary Fellows.