“Architect AIBC” is now the official title for BC-registered architects

The bylaw changes supported by members at the May 12, 2012 AIBC Annual Meeting have successfully passed the provincial government’s “disallowance” period and are now in effect.  Ten bylaws are affected, but most significant is the amended Bylaw 10, which used to require AIBC members to use the initials “MAIBC” after their name. The new Bylaw 10 establishes “Architect AIBC” as an architect’s exclusive title. Specifically:

10.0  A registered member shall use the title “Architect AIBC” after the member’s name. No associate or other registrant is entitled to use the title “Architect AIBC” or any variation thereof that implies registration as an architect with the AIBC.

This bylaw takes effect immediately. As a result, letterhead, e-mail signatures, business cards, title blocks, website information and other marketing material should be modified to reflect new titles. The AIBC recognizes that some time may be required for firms and members to introduce these changes, including allowances to exhaust existing supplies of printed letterhead and card stock. You are encouraged to make these changes as quickly as reasonably possible.

The Institute will be advising other regulators, local governments, planners’ and building officials’ organizations, and other stakeholders about the title change to ensure there is clarity and consistency in the public interest.

Specific information about the bylaw process, including the repeal or amendment rationale, can be found in the 2012 AIBC Annual Meeting package at http://aibcenews.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/2012-annual-meeting-booklet1.pdf.

Members with questions about the title change are invited to contact Director of Professional Services Paul Becker, Architect AIBC P.Eng. (pbecker@aibc.ca) or General Counsel/Director of Professional Conduct & Illegal Practice Thomas Lutes, Barrister & Solicitor (tlutes@aibc.ca).