Anne Carrier wins competition to expand and renovate L’Octogone Library

Working in collaboration with Les architectes Labonté Marcil and engineering firm Les services EXP, the Quebec firm of Anne Carrier Architecture has won a multidisciplinary competition to renovate and expand Lasalle’s distinctive L’Octogne Library in southwest Montreal.  As explained in the winning presentation materials, “The new Octogone is distinguished by three lanterns connected to the centre of the building, recalling the motion of the Fleming windmill.”Octogne Library, Anne Carrier Architecture

“The urban lantern is placed over the administrative and support zones of the existing library, creating a distinctive landmark to the northeast, where Dollard and Salley avenues meet. To the southwest, the pastoral lantern stretches toward Parc Félix-Leclerc and the Canal de l’Aqueduc, borrowing its structural framework from the underlying large octagon. (…) The community lantern to the southeast overlooks public spaces that benefit from a direct link to the entry complex and the outdoor activities set up around the reconfigured and expanded smaller octagon.”Octogne, Anne Carrier Architecture

In celebrating the winning design, the jury praised the project’s contextual sensitivity and ambitious place-making potential:

In particular, the jury appreciated the following: The site, its setting, and the history of the city and its citizens were studied, clearly understood, and conveyed. The heightened and striking presence on Avenue Dollard contributes to the city’s goal of enhancing this important artery. Overall, the proposal is playful and attractive to citizens, and the improvements will provide a better user experience. The project uses minimal ground space, and the suggestions for sustainable development point to a responsible project that will achieve the stated objectives.

More information about the winning design – including additional Octogne renderings — can be found via the Design Montreal website, linked here.