Allan Gardens Children’s Conservatory officially opens

The University of Toronto’s historic botany greenhouse has been completely restored and retrofitted to provide a unique hands-on teaching environment for children to learn about horticulture. The $1.5 million project is a joint initiative among the City of Toronto, the University of Toronto and TD Bank Financial Group. Endowment support for the children’s programming has been provided by the Donner Canadian Foundation in association with the Ontario Heritage Foundation.

The historic greenhouse, constructed in 1932, was dismantled and removed from its original location on the university’s St. George campus at the corner of Queen’s Park and College Street in 2002 to make way for new university buildings. The greenhouse was then donated by the University of Toronto, which in partnership with the TD Bank funded its restoration and relocation in 2003 to Allan Gardens at Carlton and Jarvis Streets. The City of Toronto retrofit the mechanical systems and through its Parks and Recreation Division will undertake the ongoing maintenance, operations and programming of the facility. Allan Gardens is the ideal location for this structure, serving as both a conservatory and a downtown neighbourhood park.

"The Children’s Conservatory is a wonderful addition to Allan Gardens one of Toronto’s most historic and beautiful places and it makes our city an even better place to live and learn," said Mayor David Miller. "This is another step toward a vision of a clean and beautiful city; one that honours its history and invests in its future."