AIBC invites professional development submissions for Confab 2019

The Architectural Institute of British Columbia (AIBC) invites submissions from those interested in speaking, participating in panel discussions or facilitating interactive workshops at our new professional development event – AIBC Confab 2019, taking place on Tuesday, May 7, 2019.

AIBC Confab 2019
Vancouver Convention Centre West will host AIBC Confab 2019. Photo by or Bobak Ha’Eri via WIkimedia Commons.

AIBC Confab 2019 – The Art of Conversation

The art of conversation is more than a meeting of the minds where ideas, thoughts and experiences are shared. The real value in meaningful conversation is when something new is learned, when mindsets are reshaped and, ultimately, when a different perspective is gained.

Conversation is integral to the profession of architecture. Whether engaging in dialog with fellow architects, local community groups, governments, or the public – conversations play a critical role in both the creation and advancement of the built environment by providing context, insight, and understanding. AIBC Confab 2019 will facilitate these types of conversations, from healthy debates to technical discussions. We invite you to join fellow architects and colleagues and bring your voice to this confabulation.

AIBC Confab is a new one-day professional development event which offers interactive workshops, panel discussions, and intimate seminars; all with the common goal of promoting conversation and a shared learning experience. Based on your feedback, we are excited to offer this new streamlined format. 2019 is the inaugural year for this bi-annual event, with the AIBC’s multi-day conference taking place on alternating years. In combination with our Fall PD Series, REP Program, and other course offerings – AIBC Registrants now have a broader range of learning opportunities available throughout the year.

AIBC Confab will be hosted at British Columbia’s flagship convention centre—Vancouver Convention Centre West.

This event will raise both the level of discourse and the standard of practice for members of the architectural community at all stages of their careers. A variety of presentation formats are sought, including interactive workshops, panel discussions and lectures. The organizers are looking for presenters who are experts in their fields and familiar with presenting their area of expertise to groups of 30 to 120 attendees. The program will consist of 90-minute sessions and 3-hour interactive workshops.

The Annual Conference Professional Development (PD) Committee is specifically interested in interactive workshops and presentations related to the following:

  • Urban or community planning
  • Community engagement (facilitation, charrettes, outreach)
  • Case studies of interactive public spaces (i.e. – libraries, museums)
  • Architectural theory and critique
  • Heritage and adaptive reuse
  • Cross-cultural influences on architecture

The following criteria will be examined when reviewing submission and selecting applications:

  • Inspired content that is clear, concise and educational in nature;
  • Relevance to the profession of architecture;
  • Connection to the educational initiatives of the AIBC including such aspects as health, safety, welfare, design innovation, professional practice, environment, diversity, technology, business and community;
  • Compliance with the necessary standards for AIBC Learning Units*; and
  • Speaker qualifications and experience presenting at similar regional or national conferences.

Submission Timeline
October 4, 2018: Call for Submissions Issued
November 12, 2018: Deadline for Completed Proposals

It is anticipated that the Annual Conference PD Committee will identify its recommended selections through formal notification by January 2019.

This release was first published on the AIBC website. You can find the original – along with a link to the proposal submission form — here.