AIBC exhibition of heritage activist Michael Kluckner

From July 14 to Sepember 1, 2005, best-selling author, artist and heritage activist Michael Kluckner will exhibit the original art pieces featured in his latest book, Vanishing British Columbia at the Architecture Centre Gallery at the Architectural Institute of British Columbia in Vancouver.

An exhibition of what the artist refers to as “roadside memory,”Vanishing British Columbia features watercolour and oil paintings of rural and small town landmarks in British Columbia; often neglected, rapidly vanishing, but important aspects of this province’s history and the memories of those who live here.

In the book, Kluckner notes the necessity that these scenes be recorded quickly in the face of ever-expanding growth: “To me there is urgency to the task, for my ‘trail markers’ are often abandoned and may soon be razed, or buried beneath acres of concrete, cul-de-sacs and chain storesthese old places are the last tangible link with a significant part of our history and culture. I fail to see how BC’s story will be well told once all this roadside memory has disappeared.”

Along with being an accomplished artist and writer, Kluckner is no stranger to heritage conservation. Some of his past positions were as founding president of the Heritage Vancouver Society (1991), president of the Langley Heritage Society (1993-98), chair of the Heritage Canada Foundation, and chair of the Vancouver Heritage Foundation (2002-3). In 2002, he received the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal for his efforts to increase awareness of Canada’s heritage and culture.