AIBC Call for Submissions: Model Behaviour Exhibition

Architectural models – scaled-down representations of big ideas – have long been essential tools of the architectural profession. Done well, they have a unique ability to communicate and convince. They offer an unparalleled medium to make a designer’s intent both known and understood. Architectural model-making is an art form unto itself, one that literally goes back centuries. But with the advent of digital technology, its place in the creative process is dwindling. Still, models hold a special place in the heart of both architects and the public.

This exhibition will highlight the important historic role that architectural models have played in bringing abstract ideas to life while conveying visions of the future. It will demonstrate, through examples, some of the creative ways that architectural models can help architects and designers connect with the public. In this show, architectural models in a wide range of shapes and forms will be showcased – made of any material, and from any era. Model representations of any built, unbuilt or under construction projects will be considered. The exhibition scope includes both the latest in model design as well as long-forgotten models of favourite past projects that can still capture public interest. Each exhibition model will be accompanied by a single 30 x 30-inch information panel that will explain the project depicted, along with any unique features of the model itself.

The resulting exhibition will be on public display in the AIBC Gallery (#100-440 Cambie Street, Vancouver) from approximately July 11 – August 30, 2013. The AIBC may also seek other opportunities for public display (including other galleries and digital / social media). Please note that this is not a competition; prizes will not be awarded.

Entry is open to all AIBC-registered members and AIBC intern architects. Students enrolled in post-secondary architectural programs are also invited to participate. All proposals will be reviewed by the AIBC Gallery Advisory Committee, which includes volunteers from the architecture and design communities as well as AIBC staff.  Selection for inclusion in the exhibition will be made by the committee, with all such selections being final.

All proposals must be received by June 24, 2013.

For full details and submission requirements, please visit or contact the AIBC Communications Department at