AFBC launches Architecture Industry Demographics Survey

Photo credit: Alex Agrico

The AFBC is conducting a 2023 Architecture Industry Demographics Survey.

The survey, which was initiated by the AFBC IDEA committee (Inclusion, Diversity and Equity in Architecture) and administered by Stratcom, is a tool that was designed to guide the advocacy work of the AFBC moving forward.

“This important initiative is one step in the evolution of the architecture industry in BC,” reads the AFBC’s website.”

Based on a similar OAA-led initiative that has been ongoing in Ontario for the past few years, the survey intends to highlight aspects of the industry relative to demographics across three broad categories: role and financial compensation, barriers and opportunities as well as satisfaction and effectiveness.

“The survey was deceloped by using industry best practices. It will be open until September 2023 and will collect data from the Architecture industry in BC,” states the AFBC.

“Our audience is inclusive of all members of the BC architecture industry, including folks registered with the AIBC as well as individuals working at architecture and building design firms in a variety of roles, who may not be registered with the AIBC,” reads the AFBC’s website.

The survey also intends to help the Foundation drive change and advocacy in the BC architecture industry, and will support identification and planning of future advocacy efforts for the AFBC and other interested groups.

Data collected will be publicly available and shared within the architecture industry. The results will be publicly available upon completion in late 2023.

For more information and to complete the survey, click here.